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By Sagheer Abbas

How to get UK Student Visa? Let’s see here!

Your desired course of study and age will determine the type of visa you require. Below is a summary of the many types of study visas and the conditions for applying; however, you should check the Gov.UK website for additional details.

VISA TYPEEligibilityApply WhenArrive in UK
Tier 4 Student Visa
Age above 16 and hold offer from UK instituteApply three months before the course start date

Apply three months before course start date

Student can travel 1 month before If intend course duration is more than 6 months

Tier 4 Student Visa (CHILD)

Students can travel up to 1 week before If intend course duration in less than 6 months
Apply three months before the course start date

Students can travel 1 month before If intend course duration is more than 6 months

Students can travel 1 month before If intended course duration is more than 6 months

 Depending on nominated travel dates, advisably 1 week before the course start dateShort-Term Study VisaAge below 16 and hold an offer from UK educational institute

Apply three months before the course start date

As a non-European, a Pakistani student who wants to study in the UK has to apply for a UK student visa. Different sorts of visas exist, each with certain requirements and limits. The conditions that Pakistani students must meet in order to be granted a student visa include their age, the kind of course they are enrolled in, how long the course will take, and the university they attend.

UK Study Visa Requirements for Pakistani Students

You must be at least 18 years old and meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for a student visa in the UK:

  • received a course spot offer from a licensed sponsor.
  • Make sure you earn enough money to pay for your tuition and living expenses; the precise amount will depend on your situation.
  • is fluent in speaking, reading, and writing English
  • When you apply, you will require your parents’ or guardian’s approval if you are 16 or 17.
  • In addition, you need to provide a copy of your birth certificate or any other legally acceptable document that lists your parents’ names.

Types of Student Visa

Tier 4 (general): For students who are 16 or over and have been offered a place on a course at a UK institution. Tier 4 (Child) Visa: Students between the ages of 4 and 17 who intend to enrol in an independent tuition-paying school can apply for this student visa. Short-Term Study Visa: Studying in the UK for a short period requires a Short-term study visa. You can enter the UK for a maximum of 6 months to do a short course, 11 months to study English, or six months to conduct research as part of your overseas study if you’re 18 years old or older.

How to Apply for A UK Study Visa

To be eligible to study in the UK, Pakistani students must take the following steps:

You may apply for a visa online and schedule an appointment with a visa application center using Pakistan’s visa application platform.

Pakistani students may be required to submit biometric information while applying for a visa. Countries utilize your fingerprints and pictures and other biometric information as an additional form of identity for security reasons. There is an interview for a visa as part of the application procedure.

Students from Pakistan who wish to study in the UK will require a Tier 4 (General) student visa. Students like you who are keen to pursue an international education in the UK are the target audience for this visa.

This visa’s validity extends for the length of the course plus one month. So long as it takes you to finish your degree program, you are welcome to stay.

Renewing your visa annually will allow you to stay in the nation for the duration of your degree program. You will need to apply to the immigration office for a new visa or a renewal of your current visa in order to remain in the UK after receiving your degree.

Documents Required to Apply

When submitting an application for a student visa, the following details must be provided:

  • Travel authorizations, including passports, are valid.
  • an enrollment offer (CAS) from the company that is providing your courses.
  • 4.5 IELTS, with a 4.0 minimum for each module
  • Evidence that you can afford your course and maintain yourself; the exact amount depends on your situation.
  • For some countries and courses, the ATAS certification is necessary.
  • If you are under eighteen, you must get your parents’ or legal guardians’ approval in writing.
  • Evidence showing you are a minor residing with a parent or legal guardian.
  • Your TB test results.
  • a formal letter from your financial sponsor if you have received funding for your living expenses and/or educational costs within the last 12 months.

UK Student Visa Fee

The Tier 4 (General) application process for a British student visa costs 348 GBP. Depending on your circumstances, there are many methods for you to pay this cost. You have the option of paying in person at a Pakistani visa application center or via bank transfer.

Medical insurance is not a requirement for Pakistani students obtaining a British visa. On the other hand, using a user-pay center will result in an additional 55 GBP charge.

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