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By Sagheer Abbas

D National Visa

To study in Italy as a Pakistani student, you must get a D National Visa. This visa is designed especially for students just like you who are eager to start their study abroad experience in Italy. To determine whether studying abroad in Italy is the perfect choice for you, find out as much information as can regarding the D National Visa application procedure.

Main steps to take for the Italian student visa

To obtain a student visa that would enable them to study in Italy, Pakistani students must undertake the following:

You must submit your application at the Italian consulate in Karachi or the Italian embassy in Islamabad.

It is possible that Pakistani students may need to provide biometric data when applying for a visa. Your biometrics are essentially additional forms of identification (like fingerprints and photos) that are used by nations for security reasons.

How much will I have to pay for the student visa?

How much will I have to pay for the student visa?

You will also need to pay a 50 EUR application fee in order to apply for the Italian D National Visa. Italian authorities will accept payment for this cost in three ways: online, in person at a visa application center in Pakistan, or via bank transfer, depending on your circumstances.
Students from Pakistan must have health insurance in order to obtain an Italian visa.

Which documents are required for my student visa?

One of the most crucial things you must demonstrate when applying for a visa is that you have the funds necessary to maintain yourself while you are enrolled in classes. Proof of money totaling 460 EUR each month is required.

Students from Pakistan will not need to demonstrate their proficiency in English in order to enroll in an international institution in Italy. These linguistic abilities guarantee that you will be able to navigate Italy and do well in your lessons.

There is no medical exam that Pakistani students must complete before to traveling to Italy.

Students from Pakistan will not be required to open a Restricted Bank Account. This kind of bank account limits the monthly withdrawal amount and only permits access to the funds upon arrival in Italy.

For more comprehensive information about visas, see the Italian immigration website.


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