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By Sagheer Abbas

Main steps to take for the French student visa
In order to obtain a student visa that would enable them to study in France, Pakistani students must undertake the following:

You must schedule a meeting at the Pakistani VFS Global Center. You must bring the necessary documentation to your appointment. Bring copies of any relevant paperwork, such as the passport and its ID pages. The service provider (or consulate) will examine your application, take your picture and fingerprints, record your biometric information, keep your passport, and make copies of all the supporting documentation to send to the consulate.

When applying study visa for France, Pakistani students will need to submit biometric information. Your biometrics are essentially additional forms of identification. (like fingerprints and photos) that are used by nations for security reasons.

Perhaps as part of the application procedure, you have to go to a visa interview.

The French long-stay visa is good for a period longer than six months. You might need to renew your visa annually in order to remain for the duration of your degree program. After your degree program finished, you will need to apply to the immigration office for a new visa or a renewal if you choose to remain in France.

How much will I have to pay for the student visa?

In addition, there 90 EUR application cost for the French long-stay visa. You may pay this amount online, in person at a visa application center in Pakistan, or by bank transfer, depending on the circumstances with the French authorities.

For the French visa, Pakistani students won’t need to obtain health insurance.

Which documents are required for my student visa?

One of the most crucial things you must demonstrate when applying for a visa is that you have the funds necessary to maintain yourself while you are enrolled in classes. Proof of funds of 615 EUR every month required.

Students from Pakistan will not need to demonstrate their proficiency in English in order to enroll in an international institution in France. These linguistic abilities guarantee that you will be able to navigate France and do well in your lessons.

Students from Pakistan won’t have to undergo any medical testing before to traveling to France.

Students from Pakistan will not be required to open a Restricted Bank Account. This kind of bank account only lets you access your money after you get to France and limits how much you may withdraw each month.

It takes at least 30 days to receive a long-stay visa following the embassy interview, so if you are applying for one, please submit your application well in advance of the date of departure.

For more comprehensive information about visas, see the French immigration website.

Embassy of France in Islamabad

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Diplomatic Enclave G5, GPO Box 1068
44000 Islamabad

 Call center

(+92)512011414 / Fax (+92)512011560




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