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By Sagheer Abbas

Your chosen course of study and the amount of time you want to stay in Australia will determine the kind of visa you need, although you’ll probably need a student visa (subclass 500). The Australian government’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has further information about each kind of student visa. Continue reading to learn about the expense, application procedure, and other details related to obtaining a visa.

Basic Check Before You Apply

This is a summary of all the information you want on the conditions of the Australian student visa.

  • a letter of admission from your college or establishment
  • A document your institution produces to verify your acceptance into a particular program or class is called a Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE).
  • proof of language ability, such as the IELTS exam
  • Authentic Temporary Participant (GTE)
  • Verification of stability and financial resources
  • Characteristics needed
  • If you are under the age of 18, additional paperwork, including parental approval, could be needed.

Documents Required for Student Visa in Australia

You must carry the following paperwork with you to Australia in order to apply for a student visa:

  • Proof of your past academic achievements, including degrees and certificates
  • Evidence of your fluency in the English language
  • Should you be seeking course credit, you will provide credentials or records attesting to your prior coursework or work history.

Note: Depending on your country and the course you want to take, you will need to provide different information when applying for a visa.

The Cost of a Student Visa in Australia

The starting price for an Australian student visa is AUD$ 650.

Minimum IELTS Score for an Australian Student Visa

The majority of Australian colleges accept the IELTS exam. Furthermore, no band score lower than 5.5 is acceptable for undergraduate and graduate study in Australia; the minimum IELTS score is 6.5.

Australia Student Visa Application Process

To submit an application for a student visa and upload the necessary files, you must first register for an account on DIBP’s online application platform (ImmiAccount). You may use ImmiAccount to track the status of your visa application once it has been filed.

No sooner than 12 weeks before the commencement of your course, and no later than six weeks prior.

New Rules for Australian Student Visas

International students are not allowed to change their majors without the minister’s approval, according to the new law.
International students can apply for a student visa for free if they are prevented by the epidemic from completing their registered degree at an Australian university during the visa’s validity period.
Because of COVID-19, the government will now consider online courses taken by both new and current students toward the Australian Study Requirement even if they were completed outside of Australia.
Students can now apply for a post-study work visa if they have finished their education in Australia but are unable to enter the nation because of limitations on foreign travel.

Can you Work in Australia on a Student Visa?

Students may work up to 40 hours every two weeks after their study begins if they have a subclass 500 visa. You have the option of working part-time, and depending on your school’s policies, you can work off-campus or on campus.

Making Sure Your Visa Remains Valid

Following the issuance of your visa, there are several things you must do to keep it valid, such as:

  • Continue to be enrolled and maintain appropriate attendance and progress in the course.
  • Give your institution your Australian address so they can get in touch with you; don’t forget to update them if you relocate.
  • Maintain your ability to sustain yourself financially while you’re in Australia.
  • Don’t violate the terms of employment associated with your visa.


Is it easy to get an Australian student visa?

Australia has some of the lowest student visa requirements in the world. Students must fulfill certain standards to apply for an Australian student visa. Those who have been accepted into a full-time study program are eligible for subclass 500 visas.

What is the age limit for an Australian student visa?

Any age can be used to apply for an Australian student visa. If you’re under the age of 18, there are certain limitations, though.

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