How to Get rid of Sleep During Study

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By Sagheer Abbas

Studying may be challenging, particularly if you’re getting ready for competitive tests like JEE and NEET. When students study in the early hours of the night to be ready for a big exam, sleep becomes the biggest challenge. Many students forget to remain awake at night to study for their examinations and give in to sleep since the urge to close their eyes and go to sleep is so strong.

Even while getting enough sleep is important, there are situations when staying up late studying is what’s needed to succeed academically. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to increase your energy and get rid of the drowsiness. Here is a list of ten strategies to help you stay awake when studying.

How to Overcome Sleep during Study Hours?

Turn on the bright lights:

Because they are so cozy, studying beneath a table lamp or in other low light may put you to sleep. In order to prevent feeling drowsy, it is advised that you provide enough brightness in your study space to fool your brain into believing it is still daytime. By doing this, you’ll revitalize your brain and sharpen its attention so that you can remember what you’re learning.

Eat something healthy:

Eating wholesome snacks like nuts, cheese, yogurt, dark chocolate, and seeds can give you an instant energy boost that keeps sleep away since your brain requires energy to function. However, you should refrain from overeating if you want to be able to study at night. Consequently, choose a light, nutrient-dense supper and avoid junk or meals high in carbohydrates as they will lower your energy levels later. Additionally, avoid skipping meals as it is hard to focus when you are hungry. Rather, consume frequent, short meals that are high in protein, such as Greek yogurt, lentils, beans, eggs, peanut butter, tofu, and lean meat.

Move around:

Sitting in one place for extended periods will inevitably make you feel lethargic. Therefore, if you feel sleepy or fatigued, get up and move about. Stretching and moderate exercise will help your blood flow and restore your vitality. Additionally, you can start pacing the room, go for a quick walk around the block, or start dancing to your favorite music. These kinds of movements assist you stay alert and are an energy booster. In order to stay awake and improve your focus, you can also study while walking around your room.

Read aloud and write more:

Any kind of movement can help you become more energetic and get rid of your tiredness. Reading alone won’t cut it when it comes to competitive test preparation. Take out a rough notepad and jot down all the pertinent details. By doing this, you’ll activate your brain to sharpen your attention and concentration and help yourself remember the knowledge more quickly. Reading aloud will prevent you from dozing off while you’re studying and increase mental awareness.

Drink caffeinated beverages:

Coffee and other caffeinated drinks stimulate the brain and increase alertness, which is beneficial for learning. Coffee prevents the brain from receiving the cells that lead to weariness. For a quick energy boost, sip on a cup of coffee or tea if you’re feeling drowsy. In 24 hours, consume the equivalent of 200 mg of caffeine, or 12 oz (.35 L) of coffee, or 24 oz (.7 L) of tea. Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration and limit your coffee intake as it might be harmful to your health.

Switch Topics:

Studying the same subject for an extended time might lead to boredom and burnout. When you start to feel fatigued, rapidly change the subject to avoid that. Examine further fascinating topics related to the same theme or unrelated issues. After one study session, change subjects if you are studying in sessions. To prevent burnout, take a 5-minute break and switch to studying chemistry, for instance, if you have been studying math for the last hour.

Don’t sit too comfortably:

Overly comfortable seating might make you feel sleepy. It is therefore advised to study when seated erect in a chair as opposed to laying down on the sofa, bed, or behind a blanket. Avoid becoming too comfy during your studies since this may eventually cause you to nod off. Additionally, avoid using blankets, pillows, and cushions. Additionally, studying while moving will improve your blood circulation and focus. To help your brain distinguish between studying and sleeping, experts advise creating a specific study area with a table and chair that is located distant from your sleeping quarters.

Stay hydrated:

Sleeplessness is mostly caused by dehydration. To combat this, always have a full bottle of water nearby and sip deeply anytime you feel lethargic or exhausted. A minimum of two liters (2,000 ml) of water should be consumed each day as this will help hydrate your brain and improve memory and recall. You may add fruit juice or natural flavoring to it to boost your energy levels, but stay away from excessive amounts of soda, sugar, or carbonated drinks.

Chew Gum:

There is a correlation between enhanced cognitive capacity and chewing mint gum. To prevent falling asleep, chew a piece of your favorite mint gum when you’re feeling drowsy or sleepy. Chewing gum also improves blood flow to the brain and raises mental alertness when studying. Select your preferred flavor of mint gum and save a package in your pencil case and backpack so you may always have a piece on hand.

Play some upbeat music:

Even if calming and pleasant music might aid in your studies, there are moments when you need an energizing song to shake off a deep sleep. Your extreme tiredness will quickly pass if you listen to energetic music. The correct music can also assist awaken your brain, enabling it to comprehend new information more quickly. Remember that sluggish, depressing music can affect your mood and energy levels; instead, select upbeat, fast-paced music, such as pop or dance tracks.

To overcome sleep during study hours, use these strategies. In addition, if you want to succeed in passing highly competitive tests like JEE and NEET, academic counseling and individualized mentoring are crucial. With 34 years of expertise and a strong track record of academic achievement, ALLEN Overseas is the top coaching center, helping students conquer board examinations and other competitive tests. Please use the comments area below to ask any questions or offer recommendations.

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